The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) considers and approves new building and exterior remodeling of homes in the Community.

The function of this Committee is to ensure that all homeowners conform to a standard of quality workmanship, quality materials, and harmony of design to maintain the value of our homes.
Phil Jenkins, Chairperson

The Violations Committee ensures that the Covenants & Restrictions Manual is available and followed by residents. The committee helps the homeowner be a good neighbor and contributor to a very nice community. 
Catherine Mannino, Chairperson

The Landscape Committee maintains the common areas and works to protect our scenic environment. We need the support of every resident to preserve and protect the amenities of this beautiful and unique development.
Phil Souers, Chairperson

The Maintenance Committee maintains the ongoing maintenance matters throughout the community (Electrical, Pressure Washing, Signage, Etc). 
Phil Souers, Chairperson

The Government Affairs keeps residents informed on issues that impact our community. DeBary City Council website is

Volusia County website is Our County Official (District 5) is Fred Lowry email at
Diane Reeley, Chairperson

The Community Relations Committee is dedicated to serving your informational needs via our Homeowner Website, Newsletter (Grapevine), Welcome Program and Home Owner Directory. Our goal is to keep Homeowners informed of all current information, develop a strong feeling of community among neighbors, by welcoming new residents and helping neighbors in need. 
Paula Blonder, Chairperson

The Security Committee  Your SAFETY is important to us. The Sheriffs Office recommends that you lock your vehicles and your garage doors so that personal items and your vehicles are safe. If you have an automatic garage door opener, do not leave it in your car outside.

Our neighborhood Guard Service patrols our community from 7 p.m. through 7 a.m. If you are concerned about your security, call 386-717-9316 (the cell number of guard on patrol).
Audrey Gallagher, Chairperson

The Grievance Committee (Independent of the HOA Board) The residents opportunity to dispute fines or violations. Per ARC Rule 14.02(aa) Violation Fine System the process of enforcement the Grievance Committee can dismiss, set a fine(s) (within rules)or work out a plan with the resident to correct whatever his or her  violation is.  The Grievance Chair is appointed by the Board of Directors and his/her committee consists of volunteer residents who follow the Rules and Covenants of our community.  Grievance Committee works independently from the Board and the Board makes no intervention in their decisions but decisions must be regulated by our Rules and Regulations. 
Gene Brelsford, Chairperson