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Home Sale Important Information

The DeBary Plantation Community Association assessments are now paid in two semi-annual installments (As of 01/01/23).


The 2023 Assessments are $660/home for the year paid in two semi-annual installments. ($330 Due January 1st & $330 Due May 1st)

Homeowners are welcome to pre-pay the full annual amount if desired.


Upon any sale, there is an additional capital contribution fee equal to one year's worth of assessments.


This is in addition to the Annual Assessment.


For 2023 - The Capital Contribution Fee is $660 which will be included on the Estoppel.


Prior to any estoppel, the seller and buyer must jointly execute the Home Sale Conveyance Form  -  Click here to download form

You must return the Home Sale Conveyance Form with a copy of the contract (may be redacted) to


Below are the instructions for ordering resale information:

To purchase documents, estoppels, or payoff request, etc. please:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the sign up tab or enter your Username and Password and login.

  3. Click on the Place New Orders tab found directly after logging in.

  4. Find your association: 

  5. Enter the Unit Address or Association Name.

  6. Specify the transaction type as either Purchase/Sale or Refinance, and click Continue.

  7. Select your items:

  8. Locate the document(s) you need and select the box to the right.

  9. Click continue at the bottom of the page.

  10. Complete your order:

  11. Proceed and enter the buyer and seller or current homeowner information; click continue.

  12. At the delivery and payment page, enter the appropriate information; click continue.

  13. Review and Place Order:

  14. Review your order and add/remove items if necessary.

  15. Click Place Order.  You will receive a confirmation number and an email confirmation as well 


*If the account is currently in collections, or at the attorney for foreclosure monitoring, we will complete the estoppel certificate and forward the completed certificate along with a current ledger to the attorney on file and ask them to prepare a payoff letter in order to bring the account current.


If this property was purchased through a Certificate of Title and the 1st mortgagee took title, please provide copies of the Certificate of Title, Assignment of Mortgage and/or Assignment of bid.  The account will not be adjusted per FL Statues without the proper documentation.

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